How it works

The content

With our GIDA interface, the guide can be developed using content that is already available in different formats: texts, photographs, audio, videoclips and maps.

The guide

After the content has been inserted, the guide is configured and prepared for a demo which is then tested in situ. Once set up and personalized, GIDA becomes your museum’s specific guide.

Smartphones and tablets

GIDA version 1.0 is available for tablets and mobile phones with Apple® iOS® and Google® Android® operating systems.

*Contact us for information on compatible devices.
GIDA offers an authentic guided tour

Turnkey project

If you have photographs, audio, videoclips and maps, the files will be optimized for use with the application. What’s more, if you need to create new material for the exhibitions, we will help you from start to finish, right up to the final stage of publication.


Before creating the final version of your guide, we will show you a demo where you will be able to verify that all the content is correct.

Other platforms

GIDA is currently available for tablets and smartphones. We also plan for GIDA to be used on other platforms such as noticeboards and websites. 

An open project

Your museum can modify all the content in the guide without the need to resort to external professional help. Information regarding artwork, artists, exhibitions or the museum itself can be very easily and quickly modified. Likewise, new exhibitions and routes can be created.


We undertake to publish corresponding versions in Apple® App Store® and Google® Google Play® for online distribution.


Distribution can be free or paid*. The decision lies with the museum, as does the price to be charged when the second option is chosen.

* Subject to Apple and Google terms, a 30% commission applies.

Rental devices

Devices with a pre-installed application can be owned and rented out to visitors as is done with traditional audio guides.


GIDA has been designed with a high degree of autonomy for content management. The application automatically detects updates and requests the user’s permission.