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Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation's main objective is to support the study of Jorge Oteiza's work and thoughts and contribute to its diffusion. In order to achieve this, we are developing together with the Foundation a new platform to support new ways of publishing: an audio visual guide for mobile devices. This application will offer the museum visitor, as well as to all people interested in the artist, a new way of knowing his life and work.

The guide not only introduces Oteiza as an artist, but as a poet, philosopher and cultural and social agitator also. His investigation capacity, analysis and thoughts make his work thick and complex.

When we create this project through GIDA, the objective was to develop an application that contains and presents Jorge Oteiza's work and at the same time offers a guided tour to the Museum.

Beyond the graphical design and the use of the application, a key aspect of the project was to understand Jorge Oteiza's work and reproduce it correctly inside the application. This hard work was segmented in several phases that have ended in the current result.

The Oteiza Museum App proposes an audiovisual route through Jorge Oteiza's work and life. It offers the possibility of exploring Oteiza's collection of sculptural work, from his first figurative works his theories based on the clearing out of space. The application enables to explore thoroughly into his Experimental Laboratory and go deeply into the biography of this multidisciplinary creator. Likewise, it makes easier the organization of a personalized visit.

One of the most appealing features of the application is the presence of Oteiza’s audio recordings and videos in which he can be seen explaining and analysing various aspects of his life and work. The original images, videos and audios come from the Jorge Oteiza Foundation’s archive.

The application, developed in Spanish and Basque, can be downloaded for free. Likewise, rental audioguide devices are available for the visitors in the Museum.